Dancing Bee Apiary
"Dancing Bees and Fruitful Trees"

Dancing Bee Apiary LLc.
Eatonville, WA 98328
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Dancing Bees and Fruitful Trees Now We Make Soap For Dirty Knees
We are as organic as nature allows! So you are guaranteed products free from harmful chemicals and other unnatural
weirdness and produced and harvested using organic means!

We started out with a dream to keep bees and after a series of events we were given the tools to do just that. We started with
one single hive and have grown to 5 hives. It doesn't seem like a whole lot of growth, but for us, small is better...we only have
what we can handle :0) We maintain the health and happiness of our hives by natural means and never introduce unnatural
weirdness into our hives via feed or medication or for any reason for that matter. That does not mean we do not feed our bees
in the fall or whenever they need it and that also does not mean we don't medicate our hives if they catch a cold...it just means
we use natural methods; feeding them sugar syrup or honey they produced the season before and treating them with essential
oils and other preventative methods that benefit both the bees and us when they are ill. Soon we will be introducing Sunhives
and Log hives into our apiary and cannot wait to see this adventure unfold!

Our love of bees and all things natural brought us to realize the amazing health benefits of honey and other hive products both
internally and on the surface of our skin which in turn led us to learn the different medicinal properties of the herbs and flowers
our bees were foraging upon.

One of our children developed a terrible bout of eczema that would just not go away and we tried a number of over the
counter and prescription steroid creams that just plain old did not work, remembering my back ground in esthetics and all my
new-found knowledge in herbal healing, I bought a few organic butters and oils and began my formulating. Four years later not
one person in our household has had an outbreak of any kind of skin malady other than the occasional bee sting or yellow
jacket zap...which we have creams for too :0)
All materials and ingredients we are not able to grow ourselves are purchased from local businesses who's motto on organic
and sustainable farming mirror that of our own! It is important to us that we provide you with only the most healthful products
because as we always say "You are what you eat and healthy bellies feed healthy minds!"

Being that this is a very small apiary, please keep in mind that it is just one little ole person that does all of the order processing
as well as all of the bottling, labeling, packaging, sewing, harvesting, mixing, and shipping of all the goodies offered here :0) The
other helper is outside building many fabulous things for the "Order-Filler" and wouldn't know the first thing about shipping
orders! If you need an order fast( expedited), shipped same day or what have you, please let us know and we will do our best
to get it out to you as needed! We are absolutely able to create custom orders, so, If you have an idea or a questions please let
us know and we will get back to you as soon as we are able! We are also able to ship internationally. If you have an order you
would like shipped outside of the United States, please convo us and we can create a custom listing for you with the exact
shipping costs, no more no less :0)