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Yummies to soothe even the most growliest bellies because healthy bellies feed healthy minds!!!
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Our organically raised dancing honey bees are free to roam our acres of wildflowers, fruit trees,
seasonal veggie plants, and various types of berries all without the risk of running into nasty pesticides,
chemicals or other unnatural wierdness! Our honey is unfiltered but run through a colander to remove
large pieces of wax, hunks of propolis, and the occasional bee part leaving you with wonderful pollen
filled enzyme rich raw honey!
The color of honey varies from season to season and hive to hive so the honey received in your order
may be lighter or darker than the honey pictured :0
Dancing Bee Wild Flower Honey
Our liquid gold honey is produced by our dancing bees right here in Washington. Our 8oz size is shipped in honey bear squeeze bottles. 16oz is shipped in a traditional skep bottle, and 3 lbs is shipped in a jug.
Dancing Bee Fireweed Honey
Dancing bee raw fireweed honey is produced by our dancing bees in the fireweed covered rolling valleys below Mount Rainier! Fireweed has long been used in homeopathic medicine to combat a variety of diseases. It has been known to help aid in the health and wellness of the upper respiratory tract, the digestive tract, can be used as a sleep aide, and has antibacterial and antiviral properties making it a wonderful wound treatment! It is truly an amazing treat!
Dancing Bee Buckwheat Honey
Darker honeys such as buckwheat also tend to contain more vitamins and minerals in addition to antioxidants. Buckwheat honey is a minor source of eighteen amino acids. This type of honey also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.